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Factories are responsible for manufacturing casters, which are essential components used for adding mobility to various objects such as furniture, carts, and equipment.

Automatic Production

Machine production refers to the manufacturing process that involves the use of machines to produce various products. Castor parts are components used in the construction of castor wheels, which are commonly used in industrial equipment and furniture to allow easy movement.


Castor quality inspections are crucial to ensure the overall quality of the product. These inspections include checking for defects, measuring dimensions, and assessing performance. By conducting thorough quality inspections, manufacturers can identify and resolve any issues, ensuring that only high-quality castors reach the market.

Package & Delivery

Castor packaging and transportation services offer a convenient and fast solution for your needs. With efficient packaging methods and reliable transportation, your goods will be handled with care and delivered promptly.

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Manufacturers &  Wholesalers

ISO9001-2015 quality standard.

Provide OEM and ODM service.

EN 840 certification, China Famous Brand, and Qulity

Trustworthy Product awards.

Testing equipments: Material Tester, Metal Tester, Salt Spray Tester, High Temperature Tester, Weight Bearing Walking Tester and Brake Fatigue Tester.

100% factory outlet, to help you to control the quality easily,save cost and quickly to delivery.

High-quality materials and complete durability.

Simple set-up and easy maneuvering.

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