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Wheel Center: Polypropylene Black

Bearing: Double Ball Bearing

Threadguard: Without Threadguard

Maximum Load Capacity: 100kg

Galvanized sheet steel housing, screwing by plate with hole pattern 75 x 45 mm, housing with material strength 2.5 mm (fitting) and 2.5 mm (fork), 

clearance between the fork 43 mm, wheel rim made of polypropylene gray with a tread made of polypropylene blue colored, hub width 40 mm, 

double ball bearing, screwed wheel axle (incl. all axle material).

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V4128 PP+TPR Double Ball.jpgV4129 PP+TPR Double Ball.jpgV4135 PP+TPR Double Ball.jpg★ MATERIAL - Made of non-marking rubber and entire support mental brackets; 360-degree pivoting action for smooth rolling on hard, smooth surfaces.

★ MULTIPLE USES - It can be used on light and medium duty material handling, carts, equipment, and projects.

★ LOCK MECHANISM - Total locking brake efficiently locks both the swivel and caster simultaneously, providing an extremely reliable and sturdy base when engaged.

★ LOAD CAPABILITY - Each caster supports 100kg/ 300kg Per Set (counting of 3).

MULTIPLE USE - The Medium duty casters are widely used in industrial manufacturing, warehouses, and distribution centers. Medium duty casters are 

ideal for sheet, bar, bulk, semi-live skid, and nursery carts. They can also be used on modular, work height, U-boat, wagon, extending platform carts, 

and carts with shelves.

★ ONE YEAR WARRANTY - Free replacement if it's not human being broken.

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Suitable for Rolling Tool Box Cabinet UseSuitable for Housekeeping Cart UseSuitable for Rolling Flight Case Use

This rolling cart is equipped with two 5" swivel casters with brake and the other two 5" swivel casters without brake, which allows the cart to move around smoothly and easily, it's perfectly to use for garage tool use.

Easy maneuverability with 2 universal caster wheels in front it effortlessly moves across any surface while the 2 bigger rear wheels secure cart against sliding.

Easy to clean and store - simply put the two iron poles together with the middle platform to assemble or disassemble to save time and space.

High quality robust case with VIMA caster wheels and brakes for the storage and for the transport of our stage legs. Heavy flight case on wheels make you to move it easily and help you to be a shining star on the stage.

Why Choose VIMA Casters

✔ ISO9001-2015 quality standard.

✔ Provide OEM and ODM service.

✔ EN 840 certification, China Famous Brand, and Qulity Trustworthy Product awards.

✔ Testing equipments: Material Tester, Metal Tester, Salt Spray Tester, High Temperature Tester, Weight Bearing Walking Tester and Brake Fatigue Tester

✔ 100% factory outlet, to help you to control the quality easily, save cost and quickly to delivery

✔ High-quality materials and complete durability

✔ Simple set-up and easy maneuvering

✔ These trolley wheels are ideal for a huge variety of uses DIY to industrial applications. Moving Caster wheels can be used in home, schools, 

garage, shops, trolleys and hospitals, Perfect caster wheels for furniture and other small space moving furniture including ottoman, coffee table, 

plant stands, bookshelves, shoe bins, toy bins, shopping carts, workbench, underbed storage.


Are you pushing or carrying your equipment from one place to another ? Don't put pressure on your back and save your energy by installing these VIMA 

Castors Wheels to your equipment, and watch how easy and effortlessly you can manoeuvre your furniture or equipment to your desired location.


Our castors are safe for all floor types ( laminate, wood, tile, glass, carpet, concrete, marble and many more...).

You will not have to worry about having marks on your kitchen tiles, laminate flooring or even be concerned about having your expensive carpet being 

chewed by low quality castors.


The VIMA caster wheels are ideal for a huge variety of uses in your home to industrial applications such as: house, schools, dolly, garage, shops, trolleys, 

hospitals, tool boxes and Light Machinery

Perfect castor wheels for small to large equipment and small space furniture including: Display / Exhibition Equipment, Dollies, ottoman, coffee table, 

plant stands, pallets, garden, bookshelves, shoe bins, toy bins, shopping carts, workbench, under bed storage, planter or your table saw.  


In order to avoid the damage of caster products in shipping, we provide the products with the packaging requirements to meet the needs of customers.

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Caster Packing with wooden strips and cartons.jpg

Caster Packing in Carton.jpg

Packing in wooden casesPacking with wooden strips and cartonsPacking with cartons
Wooden transport boxes are plywood, completely closed and very resistant, thus offering maximum protection for your goods with a solid and reliable packaging.Compared with wooden case packing, wooden strips save more cost, and prevent the carton from being impacted by external force and damaging the goodsCarton packaging is the most economical, and can be customized for customers with different sizes and customers' trademarks

100mm Polypropylene Fixed Medium Duty Food Kitchen Serving Trolley Cart 100kg Capacity Castor Wheels

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Model: V4135
Load capacity:100kg
Wheel Material:PP Core + TPR Wheel Ring
Bearing: Double Ball Bearing
Standard: EN-12532

Short Lead Time. Flexible Customization. Competitive Price