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At VIMA, we have over 20,000 casters with different designs, sizes and

load capacities for applications in various industries.

Caster Type: Swivel & Brake

Load Capacity: 660lb

Wheel Diameter: 8"

MOQ: 500pcs

V7039 Waste Bin Caster Wheel

Caster Type: Swivel & Brake

Load Capacity: 450lb

Wheel Diameter: 8"

MOQ: 500pcs

V7034 Waste Bin Caster Wheel

Caster Type: Swivel & Brake

Load Capacity: 450lb

Wheel Diameter: 8"

MOQ: 500pcs

V7043-4 Waste Bin Caster Wheel

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ISO9001-2015 quality standard.

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Provide OEM and ODM service.

EN 840 certification, China Famous Brand, and Qulity Trustworthy Product awards.

Testing equipments: Material Tester, Metal Tester, Salt Spray Tester, High Temperature Tester, Weight Bearing Walking Tester and Brake Fatigue Tester.

100% factory outlet, to help you to control the quality easily, save cost and quickly to delivery.

High-quality materials and complete durability.

Simple set-up and easy maneuvering.


Company employees

14 years

Established in 2007

6,000 m2

Manufactory area


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  • Heavy Manufacturing

    For the heavy manufacturing industry where high load-bearing capacity is required, our extra heavy duty casters are perfect for equipment like traction trailer.

  • Logistics

    Our casters are easy to roll with the minimum effort. They're widely applied in tuggers, trolleys & forklifts in the logistics industry for improved efficiency.

  • Environment

    Protecting the environment is one of the effective ways for human and nature to coexist harmoniously. Plastic and metal trash cans with casters play a key role in heavy garbage transportation.

  • Medical

    As a specialized manufacturer, EDL offers a series of plastic and stainless steel casters featuring noise-reducing design and anti-corrosive property.

  • Hospitality

    Our light and medium casters with agile movement are widely used in the hospitality industry like a hotel luggage cart, service cart and more.

Industries We Serve

Our casters are designed to meet the unique challenges in

a wide variety of industries.

By designing with the task at hand, our designers mastering both engineering mechanics & ergonomics ensure that what you get are casters combining aesthetics & functions.


Our One-Stop OEM Capacities For Your Business

Our custom possibilities cover everything, from frame to wheel size, brake, and finish. Based on your specific requirements, our professional engineer will guide you through the whole customization process.


Our highly-automatic machines and standardized in-house production ensures a short lead time & consistent quality, no matter how large or small your project is.

Automatic Production

We conduct a series of tests like the endurance test, load test & impact-resistant test to ensure the performance of casters in the tough real-world use.


Every caster is carefully packed in a paper box with dividing cardboard to prevent impact during delivery. A custom package is available with your logo printed.

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